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Weapons Officer Hadson here, our captain went a bit mad with power today... literally.

While experimenting with our new jump drive, Cap'n Brennan decided to go anomaly hunting. Our science officer called out the headings, and our Helm and Engineering coordinated to get the most bang for our buck, and we collected about 6 anomalies over the span of 5 minutes. As we all chuckled at our energy levels hanging around 620% total, our Engineering Officer, Lt. Stanford  started complaining about heat levels. She's a little green so we told her to drop levels, and apply coolant. I happened to glance at the info screen, and the ships systems were popping like popcorn kernels. 30 seconds later, the jump drive went critical and we all exploded in a fireball of confusion. We initially blamed Lt. Stanford for negligently leaving the Jump drive cranked in a post-jump situation, but reviewing the mission log, it seemed that the excess energy in our core was forcing all our systems to critical levels.

This is a cautionary tale. A little energy is good, a lot of energy is great, but a LOT of energy... Well, i hope you like supernovas... you'll be seeing the inside of one REALLY soon...

Log Ends.

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Haha, I love people's reactions when they learn this nice little mechanic of the game. It's always fun hearing how they tried to deal with it/though it was something else [smile]
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