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Does anyone have some copy they'd be willing to share for promoting Artemis to libraries, schools, etc.?
Maybe its my wording or approach, but if anyone's had success and doesn't mind sharing their "spiel" for the event, I'd be appreciative. Thanks!


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We are currently delivering programming classes at the local library. Teaching young children to write code while using the TSN role playing theme as a vehicle.

Parents pay for their children to attend the programming class.

Cadets do not need to be familiar with basic programming concepts or have any programming experience. We will teach from the fundamentals up! In this five week course, cadets will learn how to write computer code to make a robot perform various tasks assigned by the Commandant. The results will be used for future research and development by the Science, Technology, Engineering, Artistic & Mathematics Research team.

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e4mafia - may want to try using "team building exercise" as part of your spiel.  Artemis really SHINES as a co-op game, use that.  And Good Luck!  We need fresh meat <ahem> new recruits!! 
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