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Admiral Legasse

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Mission: Conquest

   Artemis and Intrepid are competing for control of a sector.  Each side starts with 150 points and two out of five stations.  A ship positioned within 2000 units of an opposing station uncontested for 20 seconds will change the allegiance of the station to their own side.  Holding the majority of the stations gradually decrements the points of the opposing side, and when one side hits 0, the other wins. 

   (Note: For anyone who has played games in the "Battlefield" series, this should work like the ticket system from their "Conquest Mode")

Number of player ships: 2
Time to play: ~20-40 minutes

Edit: I've attached the latest update (but failed to increment the version number. oops.)

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80-watt Hamster

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Permission to implement at an upcoming con?

Also, how did this typically play out?  Is a full crew necessary or helpful, is it both novice- and expert-friendly, are large skill deltas between teams detrimental?

To provide some perspective, we've previously run tournaments in a rather ad-hoc fashion, with point values assigned to ships destroyed/remaining, number of deaths, and damage dealt.  This sounds like it could add a neat dimension.  But having never played Battlefield, I'm imagining a lot of chasing each other around.

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You were working on this script on Saturday at Armada IV, fixing a few things. Do you have an updated version yet?

Admiral Legasse

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Update: fixed typo and switched from code that should have sent pop-up messages to science only to flooding comms with a score update every 7 seconds.  It's not the solution I hoped for (as I wanted science to track score), but it should be playable. 

80-watt Hamster: Of course you can use this, that's part of why I posted it here on the forums rather than limiting it to Armada attendees and my circle of friends. 

One way to handle skill differences is to balance it out with player ship selection.

Good luck, and tell me how it goes.

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