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It seems like Comms can choose to send messages to the fighters (under the "Player" section of their panel), but nothing ever pops up on fighter console. Am I missing something? What is supposed to happen? Or is this a feature that never got fully developed?
Fish Evans

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Its.. humm hard to discribe this one I supose technicaly its working as intended, but I suspect this useage case hasnt been thought of... anyway

Nothing is suposed to happen currently. Its an artifact of how the games been developed over the years. messages sent via the comms panel will only show up on other comms pannels (and all comms pannels at that not just the target), as fighters dont have a comms panel *shrug* I supose the fighter pilot could grab a comms pannel as well but as messages dont make a sound the pilot would have to keep swaping periodicaly ... my advice, use voice either VoIP ala teamspeak or the old fashoned Mk 1 shout.
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