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Gabriel Wade

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Something I thought might add a nice bit of spice to the comms station would be some sort of interface for scanning comms frequencies which could give the comms officers the ability to listen in on enemy vessels and get cues to where they're headed and what tactics they have in mind (not sure if there's anything in the enemy AI that could be used for that portion).

Another idea in addition would be to allow them to scramble enemy communications and break down enemy fleet coordination, causing fleets to split and scatter and allow the player ships to move in and pick them off one at a time.

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Make it so!  That would be so awesome!
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Mike Substelny

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In the original Artemis the enemies would sometimes feint away from their true targets, but Comms could intercept messages revealing their intended destinations. These messages were never useful and Comms officers would ignore them. Players even complained about the intercepted messages, claiming that they were boring and not helpful.

The problem was that the enemies were so slow and so stupid that knowing their targets and intended tactics seldom made any difference. Crews simply hunt down enemies. With the exception of loner Skaraans, enemy destinations almost never matter. Thus the eavesdropping was removed from the game.

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User McUser

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It could be useful when Science can't immediately scan everything. If there were hidden or out-of-range ships, then an eavesdropping Comms could be more useful.
Fish Evans

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I like that Idear User.. I love playing with Restricted Sensors... Comms beeing able to hit a button and posibly get some indiaction on where the enemies are  "Enemy Comms Traffic Bearing approximately 150 Captain" would need to have a drift factor of maybe up to 50 degrees of the reported bearing (+/- 25)

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I've had times when Comms has "seen" cloaked Ska'arens that even Science can't see.  Just a "HEY!  They are out there!" warning, not direction or range info. 
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I kind of like Thom's idea of turning comms into more of an operations station that would include more than just communications. Mike i remember you mentioning something about managing all sorts of ship board supplies and docking manifests and what not is that still a thing?
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