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Host for TeamSpeak3 and Artemis Come and Join in Need More Players the ip for TeamSpeak3 is No Password Needed for TeamSpeak,Then use the same ip for Artemis Server,When all players are ready on teamspeak must use TeamSpeak3.TeamSpeak3 is free to download available at make sure you get the right client for your pc/mac. TeamSpeak3 server is up 24/7 Artemis is not able to leave on as game ends when all ships are dead or all space stations are destroyed so is only available if you see MONTY on in TeamSpeak, U.K Time zones apply but this depends on if Monty is on TeamSpeak and how many players of course,Looking Forward to Meat New Players any Enjoying Artemis.

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Hello there,

bought the game today so I will be a complete novice. I'm from the South East UK so I will try and join you guys this evening if anything is going on.

Xavier Wise

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There is an Artemis teamspeak server that is running too.

Server location:

password: artemis1

It is always busy there if you want a game!

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website

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Where can I donate money to make the server allow for more connections?
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