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I have a bunch of my regular teen Artemis players who would love to join our online games...but they have Chromebooks.

I am conversant enough with technology to know that I'm way out of my depth, and I have no support from library IT.  The last forum post about Chromebooks is from 2018, and I presume there have been a few OS changes since then (not to mention the updates to Artemis). 

Can anyone provide significant, beginner-level guidance for running Artemis on Chromebooks?   We could go with 2.4 if necessary.

Alternatively, the kids have some Lenovo tablets.  I need to know if the Android app is available or not; the report as recent as February was that it is a no-show in the app store.

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I run Artemis in WINE on Linux. There is a WINE app for Android. I have not used it but that might work...
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