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I'm working on the mission for my crew. Plan is that they help Ximni ambassador, chased by other alien races. Then go to Ximni space, where Artemis is upgraded from warp to jump drive as a reward. Question is - can I do this mid-game somehow? Or is the only way to do this to spawn other ship and destroy old one?

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You can destroy the player ship first and then immediately create it again with a jump drive. The screen briefly flashes back to the console select screen but it's very quick. If you fluff it as an upgrade, I don't think anyone looking at the console would realize the ship was destroyed rather than upgraded. 

Creating a new player ship also resets the ordinance and energy level, although you can probably code the script to write all that info to variables and then reset it on the new ship. Or just consider the new torpedoes/energy as part of the upgrade.
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That sounds like a cool mission!

Probably your best bet is to follow Darrin's advice.

Another possibility came up in 2017 when Star Trek Discovery came out. Players wondered if it was possible to take a ship with Warp Drive and add Jump Drive. It would be possible for a mission script to do this provided you ran the Jump Drive through buttons on the Communications Console. As far as I know no one has done this yet, but such a ship would be pretty amazing.

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Thanks for help, it work like a charm!
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