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Hello. I have been spending some time making an Unofficial Space themed Cards Against Humanity Expansion Pack. They are inspired by space games, movies and even a few from Artemis.

I would massively appreciate any input, correction of spelling/grammer errors or anything like that. See what you guys think!

Black Cards:

  1.  New technology allows astronauts to breath _____ in space.
  2. We used _____ for rocket fuel and it worked great!
  3. Instead of landing on the moon as planned, we ended up on _____.
  4. We found _____ where we expected _____ to be.
  5. We use _____ instead of emergency escape procedures.
  6. The last rocket I made looked like _____.
  7. An alternate method of avoiding asteroids involves _____.
  8. Why couldn't we finish the mission?
  9. In space, no one can hear _____.
  10. _____ is the result of high-velocity docking.
  11. We could not launch because we forgot _____.
  12. We lost _____! Abort!
  13. Instead of sending a request to dock, our communication officer was off doing _____.
  14. What did we hit when the Weapons officer forgot to lock-on?
  15. Why did engineering route all our power to?
  16. What was the Helmsman thinking when they crashed into the asteroid?
  17. Why did we go to Red Alert?
  18. What does the Science officer have to do when they are done scanning?
  19. Why did we switch to energy weapons?
  20. BATTLE STATIONS! Prepare to engage _____.
  21. I built a robot out of LEGOs and ____.
  22. I went to the post office to get space-themed stamps, but the only theme left was ____.
  23. The first step to colonize a new planet is _____.
  24. Upon discovery, the Journal of Science immediately released an article about _____.
  25. That’s no moon. It’s _____.
  26. I find your lack of _____ disturbing.
  27. _____ is not the Jedi way.
  28. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to _____.
  29. _____ is a path to the dark side.
  30. May _____ be with you.
  31. Today in Jedi training, Yoda taught me how to use _____ with _____.
  32. You have never experienced _____ until you have experienced it in space.
  33. To _____ and beyond!
  34. A country needs to have the resources to get _____ before they can go into space.
  35. What caused the mission to fail?
  36. Why did the alien robots come to Earth?
  37. What do we do use when we deplete the worlds resources?
  38. Never leave the space station without _____ unless you have _____.
  39. When we landed on mars, no one told us we would find _____.
  40. We will never reach the edge of the solar system unless we invent _____.

White Cards:

  1. Asymmetric thrust.
  2. Post-launch fireworks.
  3. A thrust-to-weight ratio of exactly 1.
  4. Not enough Monopropellant.
  5. Premature staging.
  6. Forgetting the parachutes.
  7. The Sun.
  8. The Moon.
  9. Space.
  10. Mercury.
  11. Venus.
  12. Earth.
  13. Mars.
  14. Jupiter.
  15. Saturn.
  16. Uranus.
  17. Neptune.
  18. Pluto.
  19. The next planet everyone is talking about.
  20. A rocket that flies great the first time.
  21. Losing your grip on EVA.
  22. Planting flags.
  23. Not enough room.
  24. Another rocket that's too heavy.
  25. Forgetting to set an abort sequence.
  26. Not enough fuel.
  27. Forgetting the lights.
  28. Running out of power.
  29. The minor sense of accomplishment the first time you smash into the sun.
  30. 30.   THE KRACKIN!
  31. RED ALERT!
  32. The side that lacks light and that offers sweet treats.
  33. Breaking a lander leg.
  34. Slowing down to speed up.
  35. Speeding up to slow down.
  36. Missing your maneuver node.
  37. Over engineering  a rocket.
  38. Single stage to orbit.
  39. Vertical take-off lander.
  40. Crashing a spaceplane like a rocket.
  41. SCIENCE!!!!
  42. Potatoroid.
  43. Belt made of asteroids.
  44. Horizons new and old.
  45. MURPH!
  46. Finding random crates in space.
  47. PEW! PEW! PEW!
  48. Matt Damon in a space suit.
  49. Not enough torpedoes.
  50. Sending oil drillers to destroy an asteroid in space before it impacts the planet.
  51. Black Holes that push matter away.
  52. White Holes
  53. A devastating Supernova.
  54. Spaghettification
  55. A singularity.
  57. Lots and Lots of torpedoes.
  58. Running out of energy...and torpedoes.
  59. Shitty sensors.
  60. Pushing all power to weapons.
  61. Running on fumes.
  62. Trying to jump while docked.
  63. An unarmed transport offering assistance in a battle.
  64. Using mines offensively because they are all you have left.
  65. Thinking you could warp though a minefield to escape damage.
  66. High-velocity docking.
  67. Warping right past your base.
  68. A warp-gate that leads to itself.
  69. Unable to leave your current SOI.
  70. Needing bigger and bigger guns....You know, just because.
  71. Forgetting to request docking.
  72. Being chased by 1,000 space monsters.
  73. I regret NOTHING!
  74. Overcharging the warp-core just for fun.
  75. Fun-filled Kamikaze missions.
  76. Actually reaching the end of the tech-tree.
  77. Not letting anyone else be helm.
  78. Not understanding the importance of the Communications Officer.
  79. A torn parachute
  80. A coronal mass ejection
  81. A failed sequence.
  82. Switching to Red Alert just to watch people panic.
  83. 42
  84. Alien abduction fantasies.
  85. A five-wheeled rover
  86. Another news story about water on Mars
  87. Exoplanets.
  88. Failed reaction wheels
  89. People for the Ethical Treatment of Robots
  90. Socially awkward scientists.
  91. Seeing how long you can hold your breath in space.
  92. Letting go of objects on Earth and expecting them to float.
  93. A shooting star.
  94. Set Phasers from stun to kill.
  95. Massively underestimating the required amount of Delta-V.
  96. A 1,000 year deep space mission.
  97. Switching to "Hyperactive"
  99. Mr. Coffee.
  100. Mr. Radar
  101. The Schwartz
  102. Planet SpaceBall
  103. My unusually long spaceship.
  104. Pizza-The-Hutt
  105. Finally realizing those were the droids you were looking for.
  106. Forgetting your blaster at home so you have to hold a purple dildo and aggressively shout “Pew Pew”.
  107. A garbage tentacle monster.
  108. A throbbing red lightsaber.
  109. Padme's makeup remover.
  110. A Galaxy far, far away.
  111. A lightsaber with too many blades.
  112. R2-D2 trying to get though a metal detector.
  113. Towel of course.
  114. Gotta' include petunias.
  115. Space whales.
  116. An earthquake that speeds up the rotation of the earth by 1.8 microseconds.
  117. The space race.
  118. Sub-orbital weapon satellites.
  119. Low Orbit Atmosphere Deprivation Bombs.
  120. A Stormtrooper with a advanced high precision homing sniper rifle who still can't hit anything.
Mike Substelny

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I like a lot of your card ideas, Dart_Tech. You've put a lot of work into this.

There are a bunch of Artemis references. Maybe you could pring these cards and bring them to next year's Artemis Armada where I am sure they would be a hit.

"The Admiralty had demanded six ships; the economists offered four; and we finally compromised on eight."
- Winston Churchill
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