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TSN Dreadnought Apollo
equipped with warp drive

designated mission: border patrol

Local stations:
civilian DS1
industrial DS2
civilian DS3
industrial DS4

Millitary stationed in the area:
5 TSN battle ships not including the Apollo

due to recent political strains with the Kralien we had been laying minefields a few kilometers out from DS1 when a swarm of Piranha began attacking DS1. we attempted to stop the swarm but only succeeded in killing half of them before DS1 was obliterated. we managed to hunt down the remaining Piranha before they moved on to DS2. one of our battle ships was also stationed in defensive proximity of DS1 and they where also, sadly, lost.

We proceeded towards DS2 to restock our mines. shortly after docking at DS2 we received the alert that war had been declared. no sooner had the message come through, a fleet of 30 kralien warships appeared on our radar, all headed towards DS4 out in the open. i also noted at the time that there was a smaller fleet of 4 warships headed towards DS2 which was nestled behind a minefield and an asteroid field. DS3 was safe behind the other 2 stations. i determined that the best course of action was to head to DS4 and defend it. we also requested that the spare battleship that roamed between the stations head towards DS4. 

calculations for battle:
fleet of 4 headed towards DS2, low threat. one battelship stationed at DS2. DS2 possesses no weapons. 
DS3 behind DS2 and DS4. 1 battleship stationed. DS3 possesses no weapons. 
fleet of 40+ headed towards DS4. DS4 possesses no weapons. 1 battleship stationed at DS4. missile cruiser Apollo and backup battleship en route. 

Battle commences. TSN Apollo engages the enemy in response to aggressive action by the enemy. the 2 battleships hold the line at DS4. TSN Apollo is further away from the station to reduce risk of collateral damage.

we opened fire with an EMP followed shortly by a nuclear warhead. after confirmation of damage on the enemy fleet we launched the second nuke loaded into the tubes. reload was already underway. as the enemy kept coming, seemingly not caring that their front line had just been obliterated, we launched all of our torpedoes. out of options we attempted to taunt the enemy into a mine field with some success. the enemy still kept coming. we fell back to DS4 and engaged in close range laser battle with the remaining kralien war ships. we sustained loss of shields and heavy damage. we also had only 100 or so energy left as the battle was long and drawn out, yet so close to the station that we could not safely dock. I commanded the helmsman to use our remaining energy to warp us as close to DS3 as we could get. DS2 had already fallen during this time as the small fleet was equipped with cloaking and jump drives, as such our battleship stationed there could not handle the surprise attack that should have taken longer to arrive. 

as we came out of warp for lack of energy i had the engineer turn down power to all systems so that they where only maintained at minimal rate. the on board generators started to slowly bring up our energy levels. it was at this time that communications officer lieutenant junior grade 'little terror' pulled off a miracle. shes a very capable communications officer and so i normally leave her to it during battle so i can focus on the fight rather than diplomacy. as we watched the kralien warships bare down on our allies, they began to change their stance. all of a sudden the remaining 15 or so ships surrendered to the TSN dreadnought Apollo. we where battered and bruised with no options left, and they just surrendered. DS4 had been saved with no civilian casualties. no ships where lost in this fight.

after regaining some energy we made our way back to DS4 as it was still closer to us than DS3 and docked. we remained here while we repaired and i planed my assault strategy. after repairs where complete i bid my time while cleaning up the small 4 ship assault force that destroyed DS2. 

3 TSN battleships and the TSN Apollo remain.
stations DS1 and DS2 destroyed. DS3 untouched and DS4 a bit shaken up but no damage. 
6 kralien war stations based just across the border. along with the kralien battleships based at these stations, scanners indicated that every station was reinforced with Arvonian carriers. 

as the flagship of the local forces i had been granted battlefield authority the moment the enemy engaged us. this was my first time with flagship authority and as such contacted command before proceeding. command informed me that the entire sector was now considered a battlefield and therefore combat authority remained with me until all hostiles where removed from the area. 

coming to the conclusion that we could not hold another wave i went on the offensive. systematically attacking the kralien bases and destroying them. notable events during this time: a space dragon was fighting forces at kralien base designation 2. kralien forces at base designation 5 were either extremely dumb or cannot detect black holes as they flew right into one when we insulted their mother thinking they where flying at us through open space. an idea suggested by Lieutenant 'little terror.'

in summary of these events. 2 Deep space stations lost. 2 battle ships lost. 200+ kralien forces destroyed or surrendered. nearly half surrendered. 
in recognition of her feats during this conflict i would like to recommend Lieutenant junior grade 'little terror' for a double promotion. 

closing report: Captain Jacob wolfie

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Good job Wolfie
on TeamSpeak as GrayBeard {the Grim}  ;-) 
on Twitter as   @GrayberdTheGrim 

Chief Engineer of the Fulminata, one of the Pirates Of BeechWood! 
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