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Xavier Wise

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For those of you who do not know me, I am Captain Xavier Wise - Captain of the TSN Falcon and Division Commander of the 2nd Fleet, 4th Light Division.

I set up and run the TSN RP Community, and we have grown over the past year from a crew of 4 or 5, to a whole community consisting over 80 members from across the world. We have a regular meeting time, and have 20+ members attending each session. There are 23 full ranking officers, ranking from Ensign to Captain, and four official TSN vessels within our Division. As a Division, we regularly practise with multiple ships operating together, organised in to battlegroups and conducting close maneouvres and firing runs in co-operative simulations. We also use a modification of the Sandbox mission script to run official missions. These are GM'd missions for multiple ships and create a story and history for our Division.

Since starting the RP Community, I have kept a blog to track the development of the community and I post to keep people up-to-date about what is currently happening. Most of my posts are written in character, but there are some additions out of character (OOC posts are written in italics.) If you are an existing member of the community, a hard core RP fan, a casual player, an experienced or even completely new to the game, you are welcome to drop by and take a look. I am hoping that it will inspire people to join us, get their own crews together, or start their own blogs about their exploits in Artemis (I know a couple of good blogs already).

Tell me what you think!

Also, if you want to know more about the community, feel free to ask, or follow the links below and check out our Wiki pages.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
Link to TSN RP Community website

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I know I've enjoyed reading each of the posts that you have made. It's cool to kind of see inside your head.

I do have to ask though, there are other Artemis blogs? Would you mind linking some of them?

Captain of the USN Basroil.
"I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I soar." - Hoban Washburne
"Give me a ship to fly and I'll make it sit up and beg, roll over (but NEVER play dead), and even do the jitterbug if you so fancy." - Unknown
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