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I'm at a friend's house doing a LAN party and when I attempt to connect to the server, a brief message of "Trying to connect: 0" appears and then immediately after, "Failed connection attempt."

Update: I cannot even connect to myself.  I'm not running any Firewall on my computer and other people are able to connect to server, even when I am hosting it.

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Don't you just hate technical hitches. That has to be an issue with your computer.

What about Windows Firewall or your network settings?

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The Firewall was disabled a la the Windows system manager.
And what exactly do you mean by "What bout...[my] network settings?"

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Basics - bring up a Command prompt and enter PING <his IP address>.  It may respond, or not (there is a setting for that).  So, next enter TRACERT <server IP> to make sure you have a clear line to it.  If these work, that eliminates things like bad LAN cable or a router port not working or your NIC being bad....  And makes sure your TCP/IP is working. 
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