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I have a little big ask for the moderators.  Would it be possible to have a category (separate forum "folder") for completed mission scripts, to separate them from the discussion about the craft of mission scripting?  There doesn't seem to be any currently maintained repository of completed missions which leaves folks looking for them to scroll through lots of pages of this category to sift through them. 

Ultimately, it would be great to have a file management set-up so that folks could see the most recent version of each mission and the Artemis version they were last updated to.  I'm not sure what the best venue for that would be, but in the meantime, a separate category would do part of that role.

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Well, there is a Mission page on the wiki, but no one maintains it. And even if we did have a single person to collect all of the Mission Scripts and post them, it would be far more work than just letting people post their own scripts, here in the forums. So I agree, while it might be a bit redundant to have a separate forum for Missions and another for Scripting Discussion, it would be a lot easier to search.

I've also noted that as long as you stick with the scripting system, you aren't doing any modding of Artemis, and thus there's no overlap with Off Topic either. We could split Off Topic into Off Topic and Modding, but that's another discussion.

I'm not a moderator, though, so I guess MarkBell or Mike would have to weigh in on this.
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