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Just got into Artemis.  My team was wondering if we can alter a ".dat" or ".ini" file to achieve the following:

1.  Lower the Music volume to 20% at startup.  We are all talking thru Skype, but the startup Music volume at 100% is too much to talk over.

2.  Can Engineering change a file to have 5-6 presets always stored instead of having to set them up each time the EXE is run?  This would save us a lot of time.


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1. If you are using windows you should be able to select volume options then the mixer to adjust the volume of just Aremis. Your computer should remember your selection and keep it at the same volume when you run it again.

2. Again if you are using PC, it should save your engineering presets between games. If you have multiple preset profiles you want to use, there is an engineering preset loader that someone has made. I don't have a link right now, but it should be easy to search for.

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if you run multiple instances of the game, make sure that you exit the instance that was engineering last in order to have the changes persist. after the file is modified, it doesnt matter when it is exited as long as there have been no changes

also out of game Artemis Engineering Preset Manager  to better manage presets and then just distribute the file to everyone

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One mistake I've made is to not allow write permissions to the Artemis folder. That will prevent presets from being saved. Once you have saved the presets, (I forget the filename, but it should contain "engineering" and "presets" or something similar) you can make a copy of them so you can restore them at a later time.
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