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I know that in previous versions of Artemis, torpedoes were displayed as little red dots and they could not be selected as targets by the weapons officer. As of version 2.7 torpedoes are now displayed as white arrowheads, much like drones; the latter can be targetted and shot down, but what about the former?

A friend of mine swears he targetted and shot down a torpedo, but I haven't been able to reproduce this and I'm not entirely sure whether he mistook a drone for a torpedo or, alternatively, I'm just too clumsy to target a torpedo.

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No, it is still not possible to target a torpedo. All that has changed is the visual representation on the screen. The ability to target and shoot down torpedoes might be useful for PvP, but this hasn't been implemented yet.

A drone and a torpedo do look the same now (although a drone doesn't blink) so it's possible your friend just confused the two.
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