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The thought occurred to me that the Mission Editor is designed on the idea that a block of Conditions are followed by a block of Actions, and that makes up an Event. But in the XML, the order of commands isn't set, it's technically possible to put a Condition after an Action. This could be useful; you can test for a condition, set some values, and then test for a condition on a final value that may have different values. The way the Mission Editor interprets it, such a structure would require two events. (One to set a flag along with the other values, another to detect the flag and check the additional test)

I did an experiment, and in fact discovered that a Condition can't follow an Action. As long as the Condition is true, nothing bad happens, but if the Condition is false, the game locks up. So even though the XML doesn't constrain the order of commands, the Mission Editor is handling it right to prevent a potential error.

This is too minor an issue to ask for it to be "fixed". Probably what we need is a more robust if/then/else structure, with and/or combination of conditions. That's far more complex that the current system, which is essentially nested if statements ending at the end of the event.
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