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We had an online Artemis bridge event this weekend.  We had enough for two ships and had a great time.  My question is around using the TSN (Terran Stellar Navy) name or is that exclusive to the TSN that meets regularly already.  I remember there was a USN and I've seen a few other ships which aren't part of the TSN.  Also, the TSN has their own site, a newsletter, rules, and more which make it seem like they are the "real TSN"

When we are "role playing" do we have to come up with our own "space force" or does the game allow for anyone to have a ship in the TSN.  I've never been to Armada and maybe this is all clear to everyone else, but I didn't want to step on any toes.

Thanks for the clarification.

BTW, our ships this weekend were the "Quarantine" and the "Social Distance".  We survived three heroic battles before the crew of the "Social Distance" (average age of the crew was 10) was ordered by Fleet Command to enter hyper sleep at 9pm Central Earth Time, leaving the "Quarantine" alone in extremely hostile territory.  After losing all of the space stations and supply ships, the ship was low on energy and out of missiles.  The tactic of baiting the Kraliens into mines and black holes proved to be effective until one of the DamCon teams repaired the thrusters (but hadn't repaired maneuverability yet).  The "Quarantine" and crew were lost when when they unexpectedly accelerated into a mine field.
Xavier Wise

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The TSN is the name of the military arm of the USFP. As it is part of the canon, I don't think anyone can really have a monopoly on it. There are other groups that use it, but they do not necessarily play online often so you might not hear about them as much.

The title of the online group I run is the TSN RP Community. That is our 'official' name, so I would prefer it if others didn't use it for theor own group as it would cause some confusion. Other than that though, there isn't anything stopping you from naming your ship 'the TSN Quarantine'.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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As far as I know, TSN is just a name that Thom came up with that enables him to avoid claims of copyright infringement. At some time in the past, he changed the name of the player ship's race from "USFP" to "TSN", probably because the former was too similar to Star Trek's "UFP". I don't think he claims any kind of copyright on "TSN", and in fact he encourages fans to come up with their own TSN uniforms and military structure. There are official insignias, but you are allowed to make up your own.

The TSN RP Community (which I always refer to as TSN RP or TSN Roleplay to avoid confusion) is just a group of people who formed their own online "guild" using the TSN name. As Xavier said, they are just using the name Thom came up with for the canon, they don't claim any ownership of it, any more than Thom does. I don't think anyone would like the use of the name in a confusing manner, but as long as we all are in agreement I don't think there is a problem.

TSN, of course, stands for Terran Stellar Navy. Note that the NPC ships that are your allies are called "Terran", but they are not necessarily TSN. The USFP, or United Space Faring Planets, is a civilian organization that is primarily made up of the inhabitants of Earth, but there are members of alien planets who are considered part of the USFP too. (In other words, you can cosplay an alien if you want to)

In my headcanon, the TSN was the official space military of the planet Earth, and once the USFP was formed, the TSN transferred from being under the command of Earth's government to the USFP. Many Earth colonies formed their own military, with their own warships, and in fact in the canon there was a war among the colonies in which the TSN fought other Terrans and even rogue elements of the TSN themselves. These "rebels" survive as the Pirates.

Individual star systems have their own governments, and since you're playing a TSN ship on deep space patrol, it is their ships that you encounter as your NPC allies. Again, in my headcanon even though the Destroyer and the Escort are a consistent design, they are not under the command of the TSN, and answer to their local governments. The consistency of the design probably means they are built by the TSN and sold to member planets of the USFP.

I'll also note that I believe the Escort and Destroyer are sublight only ships, and never leave their home system. This would make them much cheaper and easier for a small planetary government to afford. They could be shipped to the buyer in a transport ship, or through a Jump Gate, if you assume such things exist in the Artemis universe. Transports probably ARE Warp driven, although Luxury Liners and Science Vessels are probably not. (Although Science Vessels may use rudimentary Jump Drives)

As Xavier mentions, it is traditional for a TSN ship to be preceded with the call sign "TSN", as in "TSN Artemis". Since in game your ship is just called "Artemis", unless you put TSN in the ship name, this is just a convention. The USN was thought of as an alternative to the TSN RP, but I don't know how they fit into the canon. They could be a separate military organization, or just one that exists in the USN group's universe.

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Thanks for the clarification!
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