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I´m not sure this forum (troubleshooting) is the right one to post it, but here I go.

In scripted missions that allow players to press some keys (like Sandbox) I can't get the keypresses from consoles. In fact, sometimes I can, sometimes I can't.

I tested the same script in the same pc several times and it works only 1 in 20 attempts.

Has anyone experienced anything like this? How to solve it?

Mike Substelny

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Yes, this happens all the time. It's a flaw in the software. I think it has something to do with the different keyboard drivers involved. My experience is that once I get a script that can reliably get keypresses on a bridge I can count on it to continue to work. I can keep running the script on that bridge if and only if:

  • I never try to run my script on a different bridge.
  • I never allow players to switch computers/stations around.

I hope this helps.

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Hm. I hadn't heard those details before. It sounds like at some point during the application's life cycle, it can become confused about which station is which if they are switched around.

I'm sure Thom's done more looking into this that I have (in a theoretical sense) but it does reveal more about the behavior.

I wonder if ArtClientLib could be used to work around it?
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