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I got some additional set dressing done and still need to remake the side stations but pretty happy with the current state if things.

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Angel of Rust

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Looking awesome!

I don't know exactly why, but I really like the hoses, cables, and chairs -- probably my love for '80s sci-fi.

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Thanks, I had them laying around and they just felt like they would be better as decoration. I'd love to be able to go full Alien or Aliens style bridge mixed with a bit of the Russian ship from 2010 space odyssey 2

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Spaceship Invictus Crew Training/Basic Starship Operations

2/3/19 1600hrs – 2100hrs

Location: Bridge of the Invictus


          Having taken on a new crew of mostly cadets, the spaceship Invictus went on several training missions starting at 1600 on 2-3-19 and concluding at 2100 same date. The crew was eager and learned much, the captain was grateful that these were simulations and not real maneuvers as there would have been many losses to the Terran forces. All in all the crew improved immensely as time progressed and each member performed their duties admirably.

          The ship held together well and with light modifications and a slight refit to the controls should be available for another run after spending approximately 4 weeks in dry-dock. Among the items on the to do list for the refit crew is to update the controls at helm to a joystick and throttle (there is one currently in the ship’s cargo bay that will be installed), enhance the lighting controls to function automatically rather than manually, and refill the ships compliment of sustenance units and beverages. 

Station by station breakdown:

          The communications officer (Codename LD) was new to the position having never set foot aboard a starship prior but brought with her a vast linguistic knowledge relevant to the role. she relayed pertinent details to the captain and other crew members as well as maintaining communication to the observation group who was watching the simulation (twitch chat).

          Both the primary science officer (Codename JTB) and secondary science officer (Codename KS) performed admirably and, as with the Comms officer, had no prior experience with starship protocols or operations. JTB was quick to relay information to captain and other stations, interacted with the Comms officer directly which aided in several successful taunts. Both officers coordinated beam frequency information with the weapons officer to improve the ships attack damage.

          The helm officer has been on one other training run with the Invictus and while the Helm performed well when given an objective to fly to, there was some undesired wandering off of a designated course when a specific heading was provided. This may be the result of the controls or the officer (Codename TH). To alleviate this wandering and provide more precise handling the ships helm controls are being recommended for upgrade at the next available dry-dock and prior to the next training event or live mission. Overall the helm officer was responsive to instructions and handled well under pressures of changing orders and stressful flying conditions. The helm officer is being recommended for a commendation in regards to his efforts at maintaining morale among his fellow crewmembers.

          The primary weapons officer (codename KS) had no prior starship experience and enthusiastically took to the role of weapons officer. After some minor instruction from the captain KS took the weapons station and controlled it well, especially considering this was his first experience with a starship. Loading and unloading weapons as well as several manual beam firing attempts provided the crewman with a great boost to his familiarity with the station. KS engaged with his fellow crew members and received new information quickly which aided in his exemplary performance at Weapons.

          The secondary weapons officer (Codename JL) has several prior missions with the Invictus in his service record and performed admirably in the role of weapons officer. Often JL would anticipate correctly the course of attack and have the proper weapons loaded for the situation. JL primarily an engineering experience in his record and the Captain would have expected more interaction with the engineer during times that needed faster torpedo loading but as the engineer was inexperienced it may be that JL did not want to overwhelm his new crewmate. The captain will hold a briefing discussing interaction among crewmembers prior to ship leaving dry-dock for its next mission.

          The primary engineer (Codename JL) performed in an exemplary fashion keeping the ship running at peak efficiency during ever changing conditions. JL is to be commended for quickly reading the situation and changing the engineering console to ensure the ship performs at its best for the situation at hand. JL would monitor ships energy and keep the captain and crew abreast of any low energy situations that could have impacted the success of the mission.  

          The secondary engineer (Codename JTB) performed well in his first time as engineer. The controls were foreign to him at first but by the end of his first training session they became familiar to him. The engineering station is one of the easiest to become overwhelmed at for new players and JTB kept a cool head while learning the role and provided benefit to the entire ship once acquainted. The ships systems did reach overheat condition but none were allowed to remain that way for long as coolant was applied in time to prevent permanent damage.

          The Captain (Codename RM, alternate codename “Captain Nukem”) put his crew through the paces of some of the most vigorous and challenging missions available. Had this been a real life mission he should be cited for excessive force and waste of resources having expended multiple nukes when other options were available to him. The captain is being recommended to review the surrender procedures to encourage faster battle resolution and conservation of ordinance. The captain did perform well under changing conditions and reacted swiftly to threats at multiple locations. Additional simulator time is recommended in order for the captain to better familiarize himself with the available training scenarios and standard maneuvers.


          The Captain and crew of the Invictus performed well and is expected to enhance their skills with additional simulations and missions logged.


          All members of the crew would benefit from cross training. Additional simulation time recommended for all crewmembers. It is further recommended that the simulation be extended to include additional ships so that fleet operations and ship vs. ship war-games be available options for the next training cycle.









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That is all.
Angel of Rust

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Thanks for the after action report!

Sounds like a blast!
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