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EDIT: just saw that this was previously reported in the 2.7/2.71 bug and crash reports. I don’t have the authority to delete the entry. Sorry!

I encountered this the other day and thought it was my doing, but after additional testing I believe it is actually a bug. It may not be worth fixing, and Thom may know already, but I wanted to report it in case it helps with the larger crash issues.

When testing against current DamCon team values, any test will report a positive result. Such as:

“If DamCon team 0 In player slot 0 current value = 6, set variable A to 6”

Will activate regardless of the current count of team 0.

I tested this with all three teams, setting them in the start block to different values (2,3,4) and then setting seven events that individually tested for team counts 0-6 and changed a variable to the value of the team, with a second variable to stop the series. The first event in the series would always activate, regardless of the value tested against.

I got a similar result when testing the following:

“Set Variable A=6.“
”Set DamCon team 0 count to 6”
“If DamCon team 0 current count > A, then A+1”
“If DamCon team 0 current count < A, then A-1”

Both events are repeating endlessly, one right after the other.

I’m sorry that I don’t have the actual code, I am working from a phone. I can edit it in later. I suppose it might also be an error in the Mission Editor code, but it looked alright when I checked the xml.
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