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The available launch options in the artemis.ini file are working great, with two bugs i have found though. Probably not affecting many people but thought I'd report anyway.

options I'm using in the artemis.ini
  • screen resolution options
  • game window mode
  • force station
  • force server address
  • hide vis tab
  • hide popups (on some stations)
  • disable helm ship editing
  • disable options button

1st, the clients start on the vis tab which I'm disabling. You have to switch to your station tab. The vis tab is hidden so you can't go back. This happens i think on the first mission only. Additional missions start on your station tab correctly.

2nd, more importantly, The simulation must not be started before the clients auto connect and launch their station. Otherwise, the client is out of sync with the server; beam arcs and objects on the science screen don't show up. I haven't tested all stations. the vis tab it starts you on is out of sync as well. the space back drop and space debris will be different as what's on the main view screen.  
minor thing I know, but if artemis or windows were to crash or some other thing that causes a disconnect the player rejoins, then its a problem.

If I don't use the options to auto connect and launch a station, these problems don't happen.


Birmingham, Alabama
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