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Dave Thaler

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I'm looking for any possible ways to buff a station without changing vesselData.  Here's what I know:

Mechanisms available to builtin scenarios but NOT to scripts:
* Increase production speed (available via side missions in builtin scenarios only)

Mechanisms available to scripts:
* Increase missile stores (missileStoresHoming, missileStoresNuke, missileStoresMine, missileStoresECM, missileStoresPShock)
* Repair shields (shieldState), but cannot increase shields about normal max, and max shields is not available to scripts
* Replace a station with a different type of station with the same name, e.g., replacing a Science Base "DS1" with a Deep Space Base "DS1".   That's the only script mechanism I'm aware of to affect max shields, production rate, beams, or torps.

Anything else?

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Try shieldStateMaxFront. It's possible shieldState is a synonym for shieldStateFront.

Dave Thaler

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Already did.  shieldMaxStateFront only works for ships, not stations.
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