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Mike Substelny

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Since the beginning of missions scripts the protocol for leaving one map and entering another has been to detect when the players get close to one edge of the map then:
  • Move their ship to the opposite side of the map.
  • Delete everything on the map.
  • Populate the map with stuff for the new sector.
  • Set variables to track player progress.
  • Optionally set times to track events in the sector they just left.
This works great for warp drive ships but what about jump drive ships? With the advent of the Ximni we are sure to see a demand for mission scripts that serve crews who prefer jump drive. Has anyone written a mission script that lets players jump beyond the edge of a map? What did your script do to move between maps? How have players responded to this script?

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As with scrolling sectors in the GM Sandbox, and other scripts that work in a similar way, it should work just the same for jump and warp.

When a warp ship is say 500m from the edge it "scrolls" to the next sector using the process you described above.

When you jump to within 500m of the sectors edge, or try and jump over it and into the next sector it will stop you at the sector edge, it scrolls to the next sector same as above.

Try it out. You can't jump outside of the sector and going to the edge scrolls like normal.

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The biggest issue with Jump Drive and missions is that you have to use the workaround to stop the script from forcing the first ship to use Warp Drive. I'm hoping Thom is addressing that, as well as the ability to declare required or optional multiple ships.

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since Thom is working on improving GM scripting, is "bigger maps,etc" something he can work to better accommodate as well?

Maybe he can't make the active map bigger, but he might create the concept of "Systems" to create multiple play spaces to travel to.  Or handle the "paging" behavior directly for both warp and jump, so your scripts aren't doing all the work.


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I have long suggested the idea of a script command to load and execute another script. So rather than having to define one monolithic script with all of the sectors defined in it, you could fly to the edge of the map, and trigger the load of another sector in another script.

Expanding on this idea, you could either append a script onto your current script, allowing you to create "libraries" that contain commonly used code, or completely discard the current script, replacing it with a new one. Potentially clearing the sector as you do so.

I'm not sure a traversal mechanism is necessary, but it would be convenient. Perhaps an "if_leaving_sector" condition, which is executed when the ship hits the invisible "wall" at the edge of the sector? A built in Jump Gate with an interface Comms can access would be neat, too.

Edit: Xavier's post reminds me that any sector switching mechanism would have to make sure all player ships are in range of the area where the traversal takes place. It probably wouldn't be preferable for the ship to traverse the sector when it hits the literal map edge, but instead when it comes to within about 600 m of it. Although, the traversal could take place as long as all player ships are within 600 m of EACH OTHER, and one hits the edge.

Of course it will be impossible for one ship to leave the sector and leave others behind.

As for long range jumps, I think all you have to do is say that for whatever reason you have to traverse to the edge of the system before you can engage whatever long range form of Jump or Warp Drive you have. Jumps inside a system are about 5-100k and take 15-30 seconds, while Jumps between systems are of a light year or more and take at least a week. There is no in between. And that's the equivalent of Warp being limited to 4 within a system, but extending to Warp 52 or more between systems. (That's on the Artemis scale, Star Trek scale would be a little less than Warp 4)

A Jump Gate, if such a thing even exists in the Artemis "canon", allows you to use a shortcut, and jump from that point instead of heading out to a safe point outside the system. (Although it may be AT a safe distance from the system) But the point is that either way, you go a specific, constant location from which you can traverse to the next system -- and wind up in another specific, constant location. You can't just jump to any sector you want.

Xavier Wise

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Well, with Warp ships, hitting the edge and scrolling to the next sector works fine. It also works adequately with multiple warp ships.

I reckon I could make an addition to the TSN Sandbox easily enough. I think, with a jump drive, I would script a long range jump using client keys. It could be a simple menu with feedback through comms. I'd then set up a series of key presses to select a system then a sector. When the player hits a new long-range jump'initiate' key it could perform a long range jump. I think, to simplify it a bit I would restrict jump to select sectors in a system,when travellig systme to system, so you can't just jump right into the middle of a TSN stronghold. When in system, it could open up all sectors in that system. The theory would be that is a special long range jump that needs more charge, and the normal jump is tactical jump.

The two things it relies on though is a. restricting it to jump drives (which I think might be possible to do using checks through the script) and b. client keys being reliable (please fix as this would open up a whole world of great features!)

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Fish Evans

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or indeed start to offer GM menu style buttons to various consols in the upgrade screen, just rember we will need a way to detect what ship is requesting a specific action!
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