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I get a group of 2-3 bridge crews together on a semi-regular basis.  And while we love just doing the unscripted, fly-around-and-blow-stuff-up game, the scripted missions are what really catch our eyes.  

We've really enjoyed the season 1 Ardent missions so far (though those are being worked through with single bridges).  We like when comms has more to do, and there's something of an interesting story or ethical decision making.

So far, we've been enjoying playing GM-less (none of us want to give up playing to run it... heh) missions, so I'd love an emphasis on that.

So what are your favorite recommendations?  What missions are designed for multiple ships?  What missions aren't, but still accommodate multiple ships reasonably well?  Any other tips for playing scripted missions with multiple bridges?


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The next update of my mission wizard is supporting multi-ship missions, thanks to Arrew's assistance.  It's also getting quite a few other really spiffy updates, requested by Lt Cdr Hogaboom over at USN.  I'm testing the new task structure currently.

The mission wizard lets non-programmers create rich story-style missions without worrying about all that pesky xml/variables/syntax stuff.  Let me know if you'd like to help test.  It's really hard to do multi-ship on my own.

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