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USN Akira
Acting Engineer - 15022015.4
Rew's Log


One of the Elysium RDF Divisions found a huge build up of TAK forces and Sakraan mercenaries poised to hit Elysium so the brass scrambled to bolster our defences.

Needing every available ship and crew the brass even wanted the Akira on the line. I went too, to keep an eye on her. I know I’m not on active combat duty, but then technically neither is the Akira.

I would have liked to have used the experimental systems but they considered them too untested. Got to hand it to the Tarantian teck guys, had the ship pretty much back to spec in 24 hours. All except engineering, that was running hotter than a Mercurian Summer. I joked with the bridge crew that it meant that engineering was being run by engineers in nothing but their pants, but it wasn’t really a joke.

Looks like the TAK used a Skaraan Jump Cannon and arrived in Sector 16. The first wave was mostly Skaraan’s meant to soften us up, but there were a lot of them. We managed to fight them off before pulling back to Deocallum to resupply.

The second wave dropped a huge mostly Torgoth fleet practically on top of CC35. We rushed to their defence but there wasn’t much time. One starship was destroyed in the defence. Most of their crew managed to make it to the escape pods and the Akira fished them out of the black. I haven’t had a chance to see the full casualty reports yet but I will.

After the loss of the ship I was recalled back to the R & D facility on Deo to oversee the preparations to relocate if Elysium did fall. Personally I have trouble even getting my head around the possibility.

But we can’t afford to lose everything we’ve accomplished here, so now I’m just waiting for word from the front.


On a personal note the Akira preformed well. The Captain was astute and the Comms officer was outstanding. Considering we hadn’t worked together before we did quite well. At one point after a heavy pounding and the ship had sustained multiple system failures we managed to repair all of the main systems circumventing most of our forward maintenance corridors which were blown out. So we charged in to battle at full strength but with our damage indicator lit up like a Christmas tree that had been left up in February. 


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it was nice to have another new ship along. Our former XO from the Liberator was in command and from what I could see on screen you guys did an admirable job. I'm still working on my report but I agree with your concerns about losing the region. We are going to need a big boost in tech or ships or something to bring the TAK back to the negotiating table.

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Im glad I got the chance to bring someone from my normal crew along (Dragonkiss that was running comms). Hopefully more of my crew will be able to make it in the future.
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