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Hey guys [smile]

I'm running an Artemis larp on Tuesday and I'd like to include some very basic DMX lighting.

I have a Lixada Freestyler USB-DMX512 Adapter, and a DMX par light.

On the back of the DMX light:
- a black "auto/music" switch
- a black "speed" knob
- 8 small "on/off" white switches
- a "DMX in" plug
- a "DMX out" plug

I have installed the Adapter on my PC, and plugged the Adapter into the light's "DMX in".
I have also plugged the light into the mains ^^

Now, what should I set the switches to so that the light reacts to events in the Artemis game?
Any help will be much appreciated [smile]

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the 8 on/off switches shoulsshoals be number 1-8. Set the #1 switch to on and the rest to off. This should set your light to using channels 1-3 which Artemis is set up to use by default dmx coding.
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Hello, you have to see in your DMX light manual which switches correspond to the DMX input configuration.
On most of the DMX light it's : 00000001 or 10000000.
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