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Since we can't get together in person to play anymore, many of us have moved online. Building physical real life bridges is an amazing hobby, but what fun if you're gaming friends can't play with you?

So I began looking into augmented my real bridge setup with real time augmented graphics. The work has been interesting, since I started streaming these games in real time using Twitch(.tv/a1on5678).

Some of the elements are real, some are computer graphics, some are real life interaction with other players online, the voice communication is all in real time along with the game.

Here is a progression of my work, posted on my YouTube channel.

First time trying this idea with Eastern Front group:

Tried multi camera views with Heads up Display (all real time while streaming)

Got plugins to transformation of objects, the math was insane and was twisting my brain during implementation.

Played a game with HUD perspective transformation.

Ready for online market, advertised as training in real time with a FTO.

Began animating the cockpit of shuttle/fighter jet

Took to the Captain's chair with DMX lights and some post production of shaky camera during combat...

More to come obviously as I explore this idea while we are all isolated.

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