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It's interesting that you mentioned Flag Lieutenant.  I'm going to try to train a bunch of friends on Artemis.  I'll be the only person who has ever played and I've only played about 5-10 times.  I'm considering putting myself in the role of XO.  I'll allow one of the trainees to take Captain and allow the Captain to call the shots.  I'll just interpret the Captains instructions and tell the other stations how to carry out the Captain's orders.




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Hey, does the war server still work with v2.5.101? Or is there going to be an updated version released someday in the future?
EDIT: Never mind, I found the answer on the unofficial Artemis Wiki. Yes, it does. [smile]

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I can't speak for Thom and the rest of the guys who are actually involved with the testing, but from what I have gathered from testing the War Server, it is about 90% disconnected from the Artemis game. Basically, once a sector has been defined and the players connect an Artemis server to it and send a ship into it, the server is left to its own devices. So as long as the interface into Artemis doesn't change, the game can add whatever new features it wants, such as carriers and fighters, and it won't break the War Server.

I can confirm that version 2.5.1 still offers the option to connect to the War Server. There has been no further development on it, but it should still work. And hopefully it should always work.
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