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Does someone know if the mechanic that makes the Arvonian Fighters return to their carrier for refuelling is based on time or distance.

If its based on time how long is it and has anyone examined the distance that equates to? I assume it would be doubled when systems are boosted to 200%?

Thanks for any help.


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I always did it on distance. They travel about 10 K. But I never actually counted the time when we had speed boosted or looked at the distance. But on normal settings it's about 10K.

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Made a quick ingame test.

At default speed the fighters were airborne for 80 seconds. They travelled for approximately 7000-8000 units before heading back.

The second time I tested was with 200% speed. They were airborne for 60 seconds and travelled approx 25000 units.

Confusing eh? Didn't let them engage so maybe that's a factor.

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Confused is right...

What difficulty setting was that?

Perhaps it's time AND a maximum range of 25K?
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