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Mike Substelny

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Summer Camps are upon us and I know a lot of them use Artemis as a team-building exercise. But this year for the first time players have the chance to do some actual science using Artemis 2.7.2x!

I know the software still has at least one crash bug (cross your fingers that Thom will fix that this week). But if a crew is using Artemis 2.7.2x and they tag a space monster they can learn the monster's age.

A monster's age can affect other characteristics. Some monsters may move, turn, or heal faster as they mature. Some monsters may deal more damage or exhibit other behaviors. In this thread (click here) I have documented the baseline values for young versions of the monsters. But I have intentionally NOT revealed the values of Adult and Ancient versions of the monsters. That's where summer STEM camps come in.

If you use Artemis in a summer STEM camp I encourage you to run missions with monsters and have your kids find out as much as possible about them.
  • Tag monsters to learn their age and health levels.
  • Observe them from a distance and note their behavior.
  • Observe them close up to estimate their sizes.
  • Figure out ways to measure their speed and turn rate.
  • Tussle with them to find out how much damage they can inflict.
  • Analyze your data using math (interpolation, extrapolation, maybe even regression)
If possible share your data and/or conclusions on the Artemis wiki or some other wiki.

Really ambitious STEM camps could even have students present their data and conclusions in lab reports or class presentations.

I hope you find the possibilities to be exciting. The Artemis universe is imaginary, but the answers to these mysteries are unpublished. Your students can use real science to find the answers and save the galaxy from evil at the same time!

Note that this is probably a one-year project. When Artemis 3.0 comes out in 2020 I hope it will have even more complex fields, behaviors, and information gathering techniques. These mysteries of science will need to be solved once again!

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This is a great idea Mike!
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