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I am checking my new running Artemis public server. Any supporters or ideas how to do it in the better way? Now, I mean in few hours, it is running only on one core and with 1 GB of RAM - and with a demo 2.3.1 application.
Anyone want to join this project and help me out with this? Or there is a public server already available?

thanks for a reply

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Moved to it's own thread in bridge crew comms.  Welcome to the forums!  Please be sure to read the rules, pinned at the top of each sub-forum [smile]
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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your trying to make a public Artemis server? thats really cool. no there isnt any kind of public server. How are you pulling it off?
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I love the Idea and I`d like to help you with this Projekt.



- Problem will be to make a 24/7 Public Server. Since you would need to Start each Mission by hand (or can you make the WarServer do it by itself?).



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I don't think anyone has ever tried to set up a public server before. There are various online groups that meet periodically, such as the TSN and USN, but they just assign someone to set up a server and make it accessible to the Internet. It isn't constantly up.

The biggest problem I can see right off is that players connecting online will have no control over the server. Even connecting a Mainscreen client will only allow the player to connect to the server and assign his ship type. (same as Helm) There will have to be someone, presumably you, who will take requests from the players for a type of game and set the mission up.

Another big problem is that a single server will only run one game. If you intend to attract a lot of players, in particular if you intend to host the TSN and other players at the same time, you will need more than one server. You can run multiple instances of the server on one machine if it is fast enough, but you will have to assign different ports to make that work. It might be faster to have a couple of servers available, so you can use different IP addresses.

I would recommend building a matchmaking server using ArtClientLib. (Now called IAH, IIRC) You would want a lobby for the players to meet and chat, and then ArtClientLib would be used to control the server and initialize it. The players could then be directed to connect to the IP address of the server. Unfortunately, I don't think ArtClientLib can do this at this time, while it can communicate with the server, I don't think there are functions for initializing and starting the server.

Alternately, you might have a game schedule, where certain missions will automatically be started and run at a given time. Players could then connect according to the schedule. This would probably require some sort of macroing software and a timer job, but it would be much easier than trying to run the server manually 24/7.

Tolotos: No, the War Server does not start and initialize the sector servers, that must be done by hand. I've been trying to think of ways to automate the process, (I have no connection to Thom, but I would love to solve this problem using tools such as ArtClientLib) but so far no luck. I would probably be helpful if Thom implemented a way to start a specific mission with all customizations set on the command line.

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