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Hi! I'm new here. Heard about Artemis some time back. Started to look into it today. Noticed that it's in the middle of a version change. I am quite excited to get a game going in my appartment with some mates. But really need the updated Android client.

If you haven't heard about Ouya it's a $99 Android based console. I just thought it would be awesome to have a server only version for Ouya. That would really help with getting the hardware required to play this game as the Ouya has HDMI 1080p out and is usually already connected to a TV and home network. Would be excellent for running the server and main screen.

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If you can use the android store on Ouya, I think it should work fine, assuming it's not too different from any other android device. There are much cheaper android consoles, would be interesting to see if you could use one of them for an Artemis server. Just plug a $40 stick into your TV and use that as the server, no separate computer needed. Eg:

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Ouya has it's own store, but it's easy to get it out there. As long as it's free to download and try. It takes common Andorid APK files. While Ouya has a touchpad on the controller it would be nice if the d-pad and buttons were supported. Should have no problem to run the full version if there's controller support for the stations. But I'm mostly interested in a dedicated server and main screen version.

Yes there are other devices out there, but I got an Ouya It's a really nice indie console!

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I know TreChipman used an Android stick for an Artemis Server for a while.  I can't find the thread on the old forum, but it was a Chinese import running Android 4.1.

EDIT: MK808, I think?

Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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Someone on the old forums did manage to side load it on an Ouya but not the best results.

Another tidbit of info:


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I'm the guy who tested the Ouya viability in the first link.  I think that Artemis on the Ouya could work well, especially for helm and server stuff, but I think it needs a dedicated Ouya app.  However, that shouldn't be extremely difficult since 90% of the work is done while making it Android compatible in the first place.  Also, with the Artemis 2.0 mobile rebuilds in the works, it would be the perfect time to add in Ouya compatibility.

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I'd love to see an Ouya port, for what it's worth.

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I managed to get the Play Store and Artemis installed on my Ouya, but found these problems:
1. As server, the performance is slow.
2. Can't run as a client, because there's no keyboard, and I haven't been able to get a USB keyboard to work with it.
3. When it crashes (often) it doesn't seem to want to start up again.  Sometimes it will eventually run, sometimes I have to reinstall it.
4. Installing through Play Store still has no sound.

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to be honest you don't need much in the way of a pc. I loaded it on a desktop I got in 2002 it has a Pentium 4 not hyper threaded not even the mmx code one,  500 megs ram and a NVidia fx 5200 graphics card 128 megs ram, as a sever it does lag, yes but as a station it works .if u found a half way decent used pc less then 7 years old you could probable get something to work well for very little cash. on a side note my 1.5 year old ultrabook with a core i3 lags almost the same, but 2 older laptops I got ones 4 years and the other is 4-6 years old run it better.
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