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Dave Thaler

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NASA just gave its new Moon mission a name... Artemis:
Xavier Wise

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Isn't that also the name of a recent novel about a moon base, by the same guy who wrote The Martian
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Dave Thaler

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Yep, I have the paperback version of that book.
Mike Substelny

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It's a good book. I hope the missions are as successful as the book's sales have been.

Publicity for the name can't hurt our community, either!

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Oddly enough, I hadn't heard this, even though I work for NASA. I work with the ISS program, though, so it's understandable I wouldn't be up with the latest developments in the Moon mission. And who knows if it will survive a change in administration...

And I got the connection between Apollo and Artemis immediately. I almost didn't have to read the article. It actually is a very appropriate name for a follow up mission to the Moon, and more appropriate than Apollo, actually. (He was the god of light, or the Sun) I do like that the article mentions that NASA recommend the word "Moon" always be capitalized when referring to OUR Moon. It matches the names of the planets and other named moons, which are proper names and thus capitalized.

Of course, the proper name of the Moon is Luna, but then the proper name of the Earth is Terra, so there you go...

I do hope we go ahead with plans for a station in orbit around the Moon, although I'm not sure we need permanent settlements on the surface. A station would make occasional returns to the surface more frequent and efficient, though, and there's always room for more exploration. And with commercial industry getting involved, maybe we can plan an Artemis program, and an asteroid rendezvous, and going to Mars all at the same time.

(Actually my personal preference is a space station at a Lagrange point. But that's just me)
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