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Fish Evans

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So here is an updated version of the Mission Editor compatible with Artemis 2.4.0

Changes include
  1. Altered the main right click menu to organise the various propertys a bit more - the list was getting too long.
  2. Added the new game setting properties in the set property command
  3. implimented player_slot where ever the documentation indicates it should work (its notable that it dosent always at this time)
  4. implimented the new player create statements
  5. added various GM menu stuff
  6. Changed the default start block to include soem of the extra options (existing users may have to reset to default in the Tools->Settings-->>Common Strings Tab)
  7. Various tweaks and other things that I cant recall at this time [tongue]

Please report any bugs in this thread

Thanks and credit to:
Alexey Andronov - Original Creator
Russ Judge - Compliance and Updates for 2.1.1
David Wolfe, Alice, Gomeric - various  Bug Fixes

ryleyra for helping update the mission scripting documentation
Xavior and Garion for being bug and beta Testers.

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Woot!  I hadn't really realized what a useful tool this was until I started working on a big mission script.  Thanks!
Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.

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Heehee. Even using the previous 2.3 version while an editor for 2.4 was still being worked on, the Mission Editor was a HUGE timesaver for my various projects. [biggrin] And I don't even use half of its features.

I highly recommend it over coding in XML.


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WHOOHOO!  Now I can get scripting again.  This tool rocks my socks.  Thank you!
Xavier Wise

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I KNEW you were using me as a guinea pig with all those 'updates' you kept sending me!

Great work on this though. I am so glad we have someone who keeps things up to date.

Fleet Captain Xavier Wise - TSN Sabre
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THANK YOU for your work on this! VERY useful!

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I can't get Elite Abilities to work in the editor. The editor seems to want to still use the EliteAbilityBits but the 2.4 documentation says we should use set_special now. Anyone figure out how to make this work in the editor?

EDIT: Took out a sentence that might have been interpreted as snarky, not my intention!

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Also, in the editor, the set_special for ship's type sets the wrong numbers. E.g. overpowered is actually underpowered.
Fish Evans

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Thanks for the bug reports I will look into fixing that in the next week.

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Originally Posted by Fish Evans
Thanks for the bug reports I will look into fixing that in the next week.

This is minor stuff. It's super useful overall, thanks for your contribution! [smile]

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Fish Evans: will you be issuing pull requests for those changes (or committing them directly) to ?

Fish Evans

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Neither.. I dont know what the hell im doing with GitHub as a result the version on GitHub is out of date by over a year.

New version can be found attached to this post.. and sauce for those intrested here


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For some reason, when I click on the editor .zip link, it keeps telling me that I don't have permission to access this file. I really need a working link to a mission editor that's compatible with Artemis 2.4.0. What to do?
Fish Evans

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have you tried it since registering on ther forums?
in any event:
Try this Mirror


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There is a minor bug with the editor: the property totalCoolant is broken.

When one try to do this:
<addto_object_property property="totalCoolant"...

the editor changes it to:
<addto_object_property property="energy"...

I hope this information could be useful to improve the this amazing tool.

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