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Dave Thaler

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Originally Posted by nschlein
Or is it already in there, and just located somewhere I haven't noticed it?

Yes it's already in there.   When editing a "Set variable" statement, you can click on the word "to" and change it to "to a random integer" or "to a random float".

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Got it!  That seemed like such a strange thing to be missing.

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I want to say that I use the Editor all the time, it is great! My Great Space Race was written from scratch in the Editor!

If I may be so bold, I have a couple suggestions for improvements in the next version:
1) Can we make Integer=yes the default for a Set Variable statement? 98% of the time I am setting a variable, I want an Integer, and so it's always an extra click to get that. It would save time to just switch to Float on the rare occasion that I do actually want that.
2) Can we add drop-down choices for the new specials: TeleBack and ShldReset ?

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I will second the request to make integer the default.
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