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I've recently come back to Artemis as well.  I can't speak to the missions, though I haven't heard much either, but the community in general is still strong.  Stronger than I remember from a few years ago.

I might have to get back into scripting too.  May be fun with the new torps and fighters...hmm...

Mike Substelny

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The mission scripts released at Artemis Armada IV are linked from the forum page below. They should work great with recent versions of stock Artemis, and will probably work okay with the mods.

Feel free to use them as you like. It's okay to include them for redistribution as long as the credits remain intact.

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Do we have clean versions of Dawn Patrol 2 and Whale of a Good Time? I think both of those scripts posted in that thread are not currently functional.

One of my "Rainy Day" projects was to go through the Master Mission List and see how many of those still run, which versions they work with, and if they can be updated to version 2.7.x. Might be more of a "Rainy Month" project, but fortunately I live in Ohio.
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