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I know someone asking to setup separate Front, Read, Left and Right views, each on a separate machine.  {Seems like a lot of h/w to me, but....}  Could this be incorporated into the Artemis.INI file??  Just edit ClientFront into the INI on the machine you want to show front view and launch.  #WashRinseRepeat 
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I have recommended in the past a switch to allow the Data screen to be automatically set to LRS, TAC, or INFO based on a parameter in artemis.ini. Then a custom bridge can be set up with those displays without having to press SPACE on each console to toggle between the screens. The artemis.ini parameter could include values for left, right, fore and aft views as well.

For now, the only way to implement this is with the Mainscreen Window Manager application, which can be found on this forum.
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