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So my day to day life is as a pastor and I volunteer at a camp each summer. Last year year I was approached to come up with something for the 2019 season for kids who were less drawn to sports and music and more geeky interests like mine. I created a cooperative gaming exploration experience including co-op board games, D and D and Artemis to be a

I didn’t set it up until the first evening so the kids of which I had 5 sign up for my exploration would come in and be surprised to see the set-up on Tuesday during their time. They couldn’t believe it. They all wanted to know about the stations and they soon found where they felt comfortable with me captaining the first mission before I made them take the big chair and I moved to engineering to handle making things go smoother.

Word quickly spread and soon I was opening up times for other campers outside my group to come and play. Before long they were handling the ship on their own with me simply offering a few recommendations here and there.

I’m already planning on taking it back for next year and something tells me my group will be bigger than 5 next go around.

Though we did D and D for Wednesday and Thursday in exploration time they all voted unanimously to play Artemis for the final day. On a higher difficulty with them captaining the missions. I couldn’t have been a prouder commodore when one of the campers called it a camp highlight at the closing program.

Now to get my DMX lightboxes built and get a better projector for next year.

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That's great, RevnGeek! Thanks for sharing!
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