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if you have more questions and feel they aren't answered fully you can PM me
Originally Posted by Unregistered
[...]Pupbrad, your answer only "suggests", that you can circumvent some steam restrictions that way [..] What i'm interested in though, is, if it's allowed to do so [...] or whether the Artemis-Installation prevents this in any way. Especially with the distinction between the "bridge license" and "personalized" licenses. [...] or if it's a common practice that one machine acts simultaniously as the server, someone with a steam-license can confirm, that it works for them also.

Technically, the steam and bridge license are no different to each other; probably only that steam updates automatically; concerning the license system they differ from personalized steam keys to captain has the install and chooses 6 computers (whoever they belong to) to install onto . I bought the humblebundle yesterday and tested it. What works: you can on one computer start the server and client simultaneously. I also copied the Artemis folder on my Win8.1 tablet, connected to the PC already running server/client and the tablet science console worked with touchscreen (though I hold 6 steam licenses/captains pack, it may be considered illegal because of the copy&paste)
I can tell you that the installation in no way prevents you from opening several instances on one PC (only steam-client itself does that with all its games) As far as I understand it, it doesn't violate the license restriction. Even if you open several game consoles, you only have one mouse/keyboard and only one active window. If one person is working two stations (in a 4 crew ship for example science/comms) you wouldn't give them 2 monitors just for that, they can connect in one game window to both consoles and have "tabs" to switch between them.

Originally Posted by Unregistered
I already have another friend convinced to buy at least the 2license pack from HumbleBundle and as we are always about 6-10ppl on our LANs, one full bridge crew will be present no matter what (maybe even 2 crews with people manning 2 stations). But as the people attending will change quite a bit through different LANparties, "gifting" isn't the option here.

It may or may not be legal, when you hold all 6 licenses to copy&paste the artemis game folder onto the other players' computers (which I tested yesterday). Though technically possible, the question of "allowed to do so" concerning the licenses I am not qualified to answer. You would have to make sure that  everyone deletes the folder after the LAN. Otherwise you will be court marshalled for software piracy, theft and making the developer sad; then stripped of your captain rank and kicked out of the space navy. written in the FAQ there is this sentence (although concerning bridge license):
there's no copy protection or complicated systems or limits. I just ask that you share with your bridge crew, and not the whole world. It's okay to install your purchased game on any computer that makes up your crew. But if your crew member takes that copy and starts her own bridge crew, you should encourage her to buy her own copy.

Thom (the developer) knows that you can't always control what people do and sometimes they steal a game. Make sure if people enjoyed the game that they know they can buy it for just €6 (everyone should be able to get that much money together for such an awesome game) - that price is less than a pizza or a cocktail if they were going out, and the game copy last for more than just one night. With their own license they can even join other players over the internet (for German game see end of post). With mission packs and the GameMaster mode this game never gets old and would even let you reenact the StarTrek movies if you so wished.

Originally Posted by Unregistered
[...]Well, mods... and mission files... custom missions?... yes, *nice*! ok, you can be sure, as soon as i can engage myself a bit more into this matter (RL timeconstraints, oh well), i will register to the forum and participate! Prepare to have at least one more german Artemis crew reinforcing your ranks! [smile] Regards, FF

There is a mission pack, containing more than 40 missions for Artemis, see this thread by LawsonThompson. Head over to the forum "mission scripting" to find out more about the different missions. "modifications" change some fundamental things in the game; in the artemis-wiki you can find a StarTrek TNG Mod, that changes the appearance of the ships (and for that overwrites some normal Artemis data).
Und herzlich willkommen. Ein paar deutsche Spieler haben sich in diesem Thread zusammen gefunden. Meine freie Zeit ist im Moment auch knapp, daher hab ich mich bei den Kollegen selbst noch nicht gemeldet. Es gibt, sofern mindestens 4 Spieler zusammen kommen, immer freitags 20-22 ein deutsches Spiel. Wo in Deutschland hat sich denn eure Raumfahrertruppe gefunden? Ich werde im Dezember mit Arbeitskollegen in Wiesbaden spielen.
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