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So, I'm working on trying to conceptualize a new HUD for Artemis (just replacing some 2D stuff, trying to figure things out), and I'm having a weird issue.

In an effort to understand what images were responsible for what, I grabbed the images responsible for the camera controls (Helm/Weapons, upper left), and made them orange.

The problem, when I mouse-over them or click them, they're then covered with a BLUE overlay for some reason.   What I'm trying to figure out is the reason for them being covered in blue, despite not seeing any file (I didn't think) in the dat/ folder that would be responsible for this behavior.

I downloaded the TNG Mod, because I know they run a custom interface, and their camera controls do not behave in this manner at all.

I am really confused, and would just really like to get things working, or at least figure out what I need to change so I can begin to work on my own graphics for Artemis.

I've included a screenshot that depicts exactly what I'm talking about, hopefully I can get some insight. 



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If you figure out how to change HUD text let me know...

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@MisutoWolf - I tried replicating what you did, but I don't see any behavior like that.  The Left and Right were color shifted to orange, the right and rear were made opaque.  All I got for any of them was a lightening of the controls, just like usual (Forgive the UI mashup, it's in one of my mod-only file folders; I keep a vanilla copy of Artemis in a read only folder so I have something to fall back on [tongue] ).   Have you changed anything else yet?  Also (since this came up more than once when working on the HUD), when was the last time you rebooted?  I know it sounds dumb, but someone was having some pretty bizarre artifacting at one point, then they rebooted and it fixed whatever it was.  Might not be it, but it could be.


@Arrew - For reference, the TNG Mod has blanked out MC_REAR_ON_TEXT, MC_CENTER_ON_TEXT, etc.  The actual images have the text baked in, and only get slightly lighter when you hover over them.  For the camera controls, at least, that can be in whatever language you want.  As far as changing text like "TORPEDO TUBE 1" and such - probably not possible.  All the rest of the text is generated for the screen from several font files.  You can edit the helptext.xml to change what notes pop up and you can probably make those into Chinese, but the actual labels aren't changeable AFAIK.  (Asides from the camera controls, as mentioned above.)

Note - this is in no way intended to be an official position of Thom or Artemis, as I am not an official representative of the creator or game.
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