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There is/was a very unofficial star trek mod. Finding it is left as an exercise for the reader as there may be legal implications if it is ever misunderstood to be an officially-endorsed part of the game itself. May or may not be compatible with latest Artemis 2.7.5 (mods typically have to be kept up to date). Remember server and ALL clients need identical version of Artemis and identical mods/versions or something somewhere WILL crash.

Can be played over the internet if you know how to reliably forward TCP port 2010 on your router, and share your external IP address not the internal address of your server you are port-forwarding to. Some of us prefer to run a server in AWS/GoogleCloud/Azure/Other-Cloud where it's somewhat easier to have control over exposed ports and IP addresses (though I'm somewhat biassed as the author of mentioned above). No idea about hamachi but I'd imagine it would work if you know how to configure it for TCP 2010.

Discord and TeamSpeak seem to be the favourites for voice chat. I thought teamviewer had a different purpose - desktop-sharing / remote-control? No idea.

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