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Eastern Front Patrol night in 24hrs (aka Tuesday Night Fights 8pm Eastern Time).

Those of you who have been freshly transferred, demoted, retired, press ganged, or otherwise found yourself at the Eastern Front Command station "ShoShuShen"... welcome.

The Eastern Front region of the Artemis SBS community is a ragtag fleet of pirates, militia, and retired TSN ships from a war torn past. We salvage parts from looted enemies, pull scraps from the local graveyard, and use lots of ducktape to keep our fleet together.

As the TSN Terra Command was, reluctant, to send us supplies, parts, and staff unless we were an "official military unit", we formed the Civilian Air Patrol, 1st Light Recon.

There is minimal ranking as Admirals have scrubbed the deck and cadets have been "pushed" into command situations. If you see a ship that needs crew, jump in, just be aware that the PirateLord always receives his tribute.....

Artemis Eastern Front FB page

Eastern Front Website and EF mod
1st CAP badge v4.jpg 

PirateLord Eric Wethington:
Commander of the 1st CAP Light Recon Fleet stationed at ShoShuShen station, Eastern Front Sector
Captain of the Privateer Longbow "Jimi-Saru"
Captain of the Privateer Brigantine "Fulminate" and 59th Pirate Fighter wing "The Reapers"

Charter Member of the Eastern Front online group (PirateLord)


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We robs from the rich.  Still working on the rest of that whole Robin Hood thing..... 

on TeamSpeak as GrayBeard {the Grim}  ;-) 
on Twitter as   @GrayberdTheGrim 

Chief Engineer of the Fulminata, one of the Pirates Of BeechWood! 
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