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This might be redundant but everyone should know that Artemis Armada, the official Artemis convention (and awesome LAN party) is happening April 6,7,8 in Beachwood Ohio! The new version of the game is what we'll be using at Armada and I hope to see lots of folks coming for a cool murder mystery, workshops, and general good times with the Artemis space fam.

Check out our facebook event:

And check out the Artemis website for more info on registration and hotel: http://



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I have been to all 3 Armada's and they have been the most fun playing Artemis! It's like a LAN party and everyone is playing Artemis. If you like playing Artemis and want to meet others who do the same, Go To Armada!
Do you have a Defiant, Enterprising crew are looking to make a Voyage into Discovery and Destiny (see what I did there?) GO TO ARMADA!

See you at the Con!

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