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The other day my wife and I were on a long road trip, and she was driving. As she was driving I was thinking of Artemis, cons, events, and setup. Then  I remembered a game van that my son was invited to at a birthday party quite a few years ago.  Then the idea of, something like an old school bus, ripping the chairs out, setting the bridge up in it, and doing cons and events on that bus.  You could customize it and get a TRUE bridge to feel, that you would want. It would be narrow, but still, a bridge feel.   Has anyone in the community ever floated that idea before? 


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I vaguely remember someone on the forums working on doing this, not sure how far they got on it. I think they were in the southeastern US.


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Not sure if this is the one you were thinking of but here's one in a converted caravan.

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I remember one that was going to be built in a converted trailer. I don't believe it ever got finished, though. There has been a few posted here, but I believe there has never really been a demand for it that would balance out the cost.

While it seems like it would be a great idea in contrast to a set-style bridge assembly, as it wouldn't need to be disassembled for transport, Armada and other cons provide a place for those custom bridges, while a bus or trailer would need to be parked outside.

That said, the LHS Bikeshed shows that at least one person has done it (although it doesn't seem to be running the Artemis software) and I think the idea is cool. You could go a lot further in creating the look of a physical bridge. Although you would still have fire and safety restrictions to consider.
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Here's the two relevant threads I know of:


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I have weighed the pro's and con's of using a trailer for my flight simulators and an Artemis set-up. Most events and activities are indoors so I end up taking the simulators indoors. But don't let that stop you from trying. I just decided to set-up Artemis in the corner of my sim center.

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I've been dreaming about doing this for some time.  I've started looking for a suitable trailer already.  Have found various ones that "may" work.  

Portable would be quite awesome...  :-)

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I remember something like a kickstarter-project but I cant find it anymore.

There were plans for a trailer like those for horses. It didn't conclude, the amount needed was doubled for the "gifts" the author wanted to give to the backers - that singled it out for me.

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A trailer might work if you wanted to take it to summer camps and things like that.

For conventions I think you would be better off with something like a vendor's booth. If you want to visit lots of conventions you'd need to make it from materials that meet the safety standards of convention booths.

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My #WhenIWinTheLottery dream was to buy an 18 wheeler and put in a kick-ass Artemis setup and tour the cons.  THEN it occurred to me to buy a tour bus and tour the cons with a kick-ass Artemis setup.  All that was before the CoVid hit and cancelled the cons......  <sigh> 
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I explored this personally and decided that the energy needs were too great for con going plus asking people to leave the cushy AC'ed environment to come to the van/bus/converted UPS truck became an issue of being disconnected from the main con and lacking foot traffic. 


Birthday parties or some other such place where the audience is either outside already or you are the event people came for is a different matter. For me it wasn't worth the costs when looking at the possible returns vs making the bridge I have portable. 


My bridge is a self supporting structure that can fit in most conference rooms and is structurally sound enough to withstand moderate to severe impact from your average con goer. Car seat chairs and heavier than necessary structural components make this ship a pain to lug around but unlikely to hurt anyone.


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Looks great ogremasch. I used Dodge Caravan seats for my sims.

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