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Well, which systems are available depend on the scenario. The Core Breach mission most certainly will involve all of the ship's systems (unless you're on a planet) but in the Elimination scenario the force fields are self-contained. So the subsystems are probably what you would expect in a shield generator, but it's not the Shields.

In the case of Core Breach, probably each console will be a different system. So instead of linking the Core to the Beams you'll probably repair the Core first, then the Beams, then back to the Core after fixing the Beams throws something else off.

And in Stationary mode I can't have the Tech run off across the map, so the Scout will be scanning the same console he's working on. There probably WILL be missions where you have to move around and gather info on the device you're working on (that sounds like Artifact) but they won't be Stationary.

Other than that, I like your ideas. I am set on the Tech having an Engineering-like display to do his repairs, because I don't want it to be a matter of "find key and press button". The Tech should take some time to do his job. In Artemis, that time is taken in moving DamCon teams around, in Away Team, it will be waiting for the Scout to complete his Analysis.

I will note, however, that the Scout can kinda sorta do that. As I've implemented the concept so far, the Scout's Analysis repairs damage, to buy the Tech time to complete the procedure and repair the console all the way. So to an extent the Scout can operate solo. He can't keep the force fields up, but he can slow down how fast the enemies take them down. There will be scenarios where he will be moving around the map gathering data, not to make repairs, but to do research or collect resources. Or to help the Doctor cure the Plague.

I want to avoid splitting up the away team, but the Scout can be scanning to find the resource before the team sets out to collect it.

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