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We have been confirmed for running Artemis at Salt Lake Comic Con.  If anyone on here is able to make it, feel free to stop by and play or say hi.
Mike Substelny

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Good luck and please share photos and video!
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I love Salt Lake Comic Con but I'm unfortunately not going this year. Hope you have a great time!

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We had a really good turnout at Salt Lake Comic Con.  We were running Marks TNG mod with Artemis 2.4 (we are a Star Trek fan club).  here are some pictures of our setup.

We have a custom program that a member of our crew wrote that allows us to add videos (on the two small screens up front).  this is how we give the captain and the crew thier "orders" from Starfleet.  the program also does various photo, visual, and audio effects.  it also allows us to create and post our gaming schedule that displays on another screen that we put outside.  the program also has a timer program that helps the game master stay on track and keep to the schedule.

The platform in the middle that the captain is sitting on is more then just a platform for the captain to sit on.  it also houses our power distribution system for our setup (complete with our own breaker box, so we don't trip the breakers at the convention center), as well as half of our networking.  for the power distribution we take the power that they give us and it plugs into a certain area on the platform then heads straight to the breaker box.  in the future I plan on expanding the platform to also house dmx distribution, and possibly audio distribution.  

Planned upgrades are add more DMX lighting, surround sound, touchscreens, and possibly other DMX devices.

What you don't see in the pictures is our GM station which has 3 computers on it.  One which is the game server and a monitor mirroring the projector, one for Game Master, and one running the control software for the LCARS monitors and audio/visual sound effects.  Also not pictured are the computers running the LCARS software or our network server.  

We don't use a standard router for DHCP, we use a windows server 2012 server for DHCP/DNS/file server, and it is running a linux virtual machine in Hyper-V.  The linux server is a web server (running a knowledgebase for the scenarios that we run, a ticketing system so we can log issues we run into, an audio server so we can play various Star Trek music and soundtracks when we aren't running to try to attract players, as well as the web interface to our network imaging system).  All of the computers are identical so we can re-image systems if we have systems crash or go down.  its alot easier to re-image then to re-install windows, drivers, updates, Artemis.  it takes 30 minutes to pull an image from the server with windows and all the software needed to run Artemis, rather then a few hours.

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