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First Officer's Log, Stardate...okay, whatever.

As the officers took their stations on board the Artemis, we knew it might be a rough go.  We lacked an engineer, so Captain J.R. Sharp, with only a few patrol missions under his belt, covered that station.  His wife, Lt. Lindsay Sharp took the Comms and Science stations, and an Ensign, whose name I never caught, took the helm.  The Ensign was apparently on loan to us from the academy as he had no experience whatsoever at any station.  I took the weapons station.

We started out, maneuvering like an Irishman on St Patrick's Day, and headed toward our first target, which turned out to be a bio-mech.  We struggled a little taking it down, and I noticed that we took some damage, in spite of having never been fired upon.
When we started fight the next enemy, and noticed again taking damage without taking any hits, I glanced over to the engineering station to see several settings overheating.  I shouted to the captain to add some coolant to the overheating settings, when he responded with, "Coolant?  There's coolant?"  I jumped up and quickly added coolant to the troubled settings, showing him how to make the adjustments.
We proceeded to join the Intrepid in our assault against a Kralien cruiser.  Our helmsman failed to stop us in time, so we started taking fire while blocking the Intrepid's desires to drip a nuke on the enemy (which I didn't really understand anyhow, since it was just one ship).  The helmsman put us toe-to-toe against that Kralien and brought us to a halt.  The captain shouted "break left! break left!"  Helm started pressing the screen in panic, with no result, so I shouted, "Warp 1!--get us out of here!"  He slipped us to warp 1--which forced us to ram the Kralien, damaging the entire front half of the ship.
We still had engines, but no maneuverability.  Base DS3 was in a relatively straight line in the direction we were heading, so we proceeded down that trek while the captain attempted to figure out how to get damage control to fix maneuvering. 
We encountered another Kralien bent on our destruction and took a further beating.  Engines went out and we were dead in the water.  At this point I shouted to the captain, "I told you that you should have let me bring my Big Red Button of Death!"

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