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Dave Thaler

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Sandman and I will be running Artemis games at Norwescon next month.   Registration is now open at

They haven't posted the gaming schedules online yet, but we have Artemis sessions scheduled for:
  • Thu 3/24, 7-11pm
  • Fri 3/25, 4-10pm (4-6pm just one bridge)
  • Sat 3/26, 10-2pm
Also there's a special Artemis Live stage show we're also helping with, that is already on the main agenda posted on the website:
  • Sun 3/27, 10-2pm
They are more or less begging us to run as much Artemis as we're willing to, based on great feedback from last year.  Except for Friday 4-6pm, the hope is to mostly run two-bridge co-op games.  We are in a fairly high visibility spot at the con, different from the area we were in last year (see the Norwescon 38 thread).  That is, except for the stage show, our bridges will be located in the space called the Rotunda, or as I'll call it.. the "saucer section".

We are bringing DMX gear and currently plan to use it both in the regular games and in the stage show if all goes well.

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Bumping this up and letting Seattle area players know that Dave and I are running a playtest this coming weekend.  Below are the details posted on the Seattle Artemis meetup.
Link to the meetup group:
Link to the location:


An Artemis session is scheduled for Saturday, March 5th, 10am-noon at Brew in Bothell. Featuring TWO bridges for co-op play with DMX lighting effects. Grab coffee and a bite and help save the galaxy! A friend and I are both hosting Artemis game sessions at Norwescon this year and are scheduled for multi-ship play. We are also participating in a live stage show with two bridges. We are both working up some cool DMX LED lighting displays and need to have a playtest to make sure we have our gear organized for travel and working together. We've located a meeting space in Bothell that we can use for free (with the expectation that participants will buy some food and beverages).

We’re scheduled for 9:30am-12:30pm to allow time for setup and breakdown and would appreciate any help if you arrive early. Ideally, between us, we’ll have 10-14 people. Observers are welcome, too.

You are welcome to drop in, but we'd appreciate if you let us know to expect you.

CDR Callisto "Sandman" Bold
Executive Officer of TSN Harbinger
Shipwright of Project Harbinger (Seattle WA)
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