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We had a session yesterday and one PC experienced heavy stuttering. The low FPS was seen already in the startup screen. Any ideas what to try to fix the issue?

Another issue is that it won't run via Steam, but runs directly from executable.

PC: I7 920, nVidia 670 GPU, 12GB DDR3, 144Hz display, Windows 10 etc.

What we've tried:
Limit display refresh rate down to 60Hz,
Turn off the power saving mode of the display adapter,
Verified local files via Steam,
Turn of virus protection,
Installing dx9,
updated display drivers,
run on windowed mode / full screen / windowed full screen etc.
uninstalling the game and reinstalling it

Any ideas would be appreciated.

Solution has been found. Stuttering happened while the PC was connected to internet via mobile phone...

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Thanks for the post, I'm sure this will be useful to other players who run into the same problem.
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