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Hmm, I think I agree. I've been considering refactoring ArtClientLib so that both aren't referred to as stations, and I like the idea of "base" and "station" rather than "station" and "console"; I agree it sounds more military. And "space station" and "bridge station" are too unwieldy.
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first, I love this game and so do my friends. Thank you very much to anyone who had anything to do with development, its really sad that blockbuster game developers are still trying to make every little photon of light in a game look realistic and still fail to produce the quality of gameplay I have experienced with this game, and beautiful that my childhood dream of playing a game like this is now a staggering reality. Thank you very much!

that being said I have a few questions I can't seem to find the answer to anywhere.

I currently run 2.0 on PC, Android nexus 7 and iPad. I'm excited about new features in 2.1 and 2.1.1, but what kind of compatibility is there across versions? Android is at 2.1 and the same for iPad. Will my PC running 2.1.1 as server run into problems if a client joins with android or apple device with 2.1 and not 2.1.1? Or 2.0?

All our games seem to last 15/30 mins. With the effort it takes to set up an entire bridge and gather users, I feel like we should be doing more before "game over, You defeated all spawned enemies". The second we start a game my comms officer tells me enemies are sending death threats to us and/or friendly stations. Battle commences so fast I'm having trouble training officers. Are there game settings I can try to make our games last longer without just adding travel time or something? We get job offers from stations but rarely get them done before all enemies are killed. Cranking the difficulty only got us killed when we did battle and did not expand play time. Perhaps there is a way to get enemies to wait to spawn for a semi randomized time? Any ideas on extending our play time would be greatly appreciated.

The digital manual shows ship selection via host server, but in 2.0 for PC it appears whoever is at the helm decides which ship to use, although all information besides name of ship has been removed, making it awkward to put a noob at helm and pulling up .PDF files to show the difference between ships... You get the picture. Also, it seems that if another client joins the server before helm chooses a ship, the game starts and we are stuck with whatever ship was default. Am I doing something wrong?

I have watched a lot of YouTube videos of people playing this game. They all seem to laugh at the red alert as if it is basically useless. Does enabling red alert change anything in the code of the game? Or is it only useful to audibly and visually alert your officers at the press of a button?

Is there a manual for any version above 1.7?

I see there are downloadable missions created by the Artemis community. Is there a specific agreed upon site to visit to get the most excellent user created missions? How difficult is the editor to use?

Thank you for reading this post and thanks in advance for any helpful information you can provide.


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Welcome Deltree!

PCs talk to Androids talk to iOS devices talk to PCs.  It's great that they all work together, you just need to be using the same X.x version (e.g 1.7x with 1.7x, 2.0.x with 2.0.x, 2.1.x with 2.1.x)  2.1.0 Android and iOS works with 2.1.1 PC.  The tablets may complain about server incompatibility, but it can be ignored.   1.7x is incompatible with 2.0.x  and 2.0.x is incompatible with 2.1.x.  The latest version of the software for all devices should be available right now.  If you have a 2.0.x PC version, there is a patch in the downloads section of the website ( to be installed over the original (clean, un-modded!) installation that will bring it up to current.  

The Siege scenarios start immediately, but depending upon the scenario and the level, many games have plenty of time to allow the crew to "settle" themselves.  From the duration of game play, it sounds as if you are running a level 1 or 2 game with few (and slow) enemies or the Peacetime scenario (v 2.1.x only).  The higher the levels, the larger and stronger the enemy fleets, and the longer the game play.  I like to introduce people to the game on a level 4 or level 5 Siege scenarios and these seem to give a half an hour to an hours experience depending upon the crew, still with the opportunity for failure for the less experienced crews, thus creating a challenging and rewarding experience.  If you leave the time limit at "00" the scenario will play until either you are dead or all of the enemies are dead.  There are other scenarios (Deep Strike/Border War [2.1.x only]) that have other potential end conditions and ramp up times, such as Border War in which you may have a few minutes to discuss things (pay attention to what is happening and being said on all of the consoles).  Many people will play a level, then swap roles and play the level again, or a higher level, just to get a better feel for all of the roles and/or improve your skills.  Try a level 11 Siege some day and see if you think that with a experienced crew that will take 15 minutes.  ; )

There is a 2.0 manual addendum floating around, see this thread for the download link:

As far as video training, I personally have created a series of updated videos for 2.0 in a 20 minute, all console, single video, and a playlist of each of the console's individual videos.  These are the same as in the full single video, just broken out. You can find them here:

All-in-One video: 

Playlist with the individual consoles:

A single, agreed upon site for downloading mission scripts:  No.

Ease of use of the mission editor:  Well, that depends on the programming experience and aptitude of each individual.  It is not as well documented as the game is, nor is the XML scripting language on which the missions are built on, but playing around with it, looking at other peoples scripts, and coming on here to ask others questions is the best method to learn it.  One tip that seems to trip a lot of people up on in the concept of the scripts run time.  It runs in entirety with every clock cycle of the game, meaning possibly thousands of times a second.  The variables are the only thing that are persistent from cycle to cycle.  If you want to send a message to the Comms console, make sure that you first check to see if you have set a variable to a specific value, if not send the message, then set the variable to that specific value so that the next time it looks at the code, it will see the variable has been set and not send the message again to the Comms console, thousands of times a second.  You should also check out Xavier's amazing Sandbox script (See here: scripting ideas and just for use with the GM console and getting players accustomed to how Artemis works.  But this would require a person experienced with Artemis and the GM console to take full advantage of for training new players.

Welcome to Artemis.  I am sure there are others with will have additional ideas and solutions as well.  This is a great community.  I hope this helped, and have fun.
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Most excellent tutorial videos! If you don't mind I will download and add them to my Artemis installation flash drive for training up noobs.

I appreciate the version compatibility data, as well as ideas to lengthen our play time. The manual addendum was also very helpful.

Final word on red alert? I would think it would do more than change a HUD color and play a klaxon.

Am I mistaken about the helm and ship choice?

Your data is dank. Thank you very much.



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Red Alert is pretty much just to wake people up (or trigger some DMX lighting tied to the button). Doesn't really do anything to alter the game, just cosmetic.

I started doing scripting with the Mission Editor (having never done XML) about 4 months ago and I'm currently finishing up a Sandbox style script. Once you figure out the infinite loops that Badgeguy was talking about, it's not too bad. Watch the Mission Editor tutorial videos, play with the editor to get a feel for what's there, then open up a script someone else did and see how they made things work. It's really just a series of "If this is true, then this happens."

Ship selection is done by helm on their console. However, helm has to choose the ship type before the server the starts the mission, otherwise the game will default to light cruiser. But, helm does do the picking.
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Semi-bummer about the red alert vanilla style, but I like the idea of having a nifty bridge built in a garage or large enough room with DMX and red alert screens, or even better a truly portable setup with sweet mods and extra ish like screens and custom tactile controls.

I messed about with BASIC back when my rubber keyed ultra heavy panasonic keyboard plugged into my black and white TV via coax, with the other cables going to a small cassette tape recorder (which at that time was like the hdd i believe) with programs on cassettes, so I am familiar with the basics of "if / than" in programming. I dabbled in RPG maker VX many years ago, do a mild bit of D&D (adventure system board game) modding. If the Artemis mod biz is anything like that I could plod through I bet. Perhaps. 

Are there any sandbox style custom missions made which dont require a GM? I dont need a story or any missions although that's fine too. I just like the idea of larger size randomized space to fly in. Perhaps an overall size upgrade or an option to increase the size/number of sectors could be implemented in a future version? If i could find more crew I would get someone to GM. Having a GM with Mr. Wise's sandbox 2 seems like the pinnacle to me. How difficult do you think it would be to find an online GM to work with my crew? Im not into breaking up the physical area of the ship via the internet although online play with other ships and/or a GM is very appealing.

Is the latest version everyone's favorite? I see 1.7 is still around. Are there advantages to having an older version?

Thanks! -Deltree


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If you want randomized you either need to do the generic scenarios (siege, etc...) or GM controlled. If you want a larger space, it will have to be scripted (no random) or a basic script managed by a GM.

As far as finding a GM, I have no idea.

The newer version has more game modes and give the enemies stations. 

I really recommend looking up the mission editor tutorials on youtube (even if you have some experience). Then start ripping apart other scripts.
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I will do that. 

Thank you very much everyone for your help.


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Originally Posted by cxfAtheus
If you want randomized you either need to do the generic scenarios (siege, etc...) or GM controlled. If you want a larger space, it will have to be scripted (no random) or a basic script managed by a GM.

I recently posted a mission as part of my Fighter Mission Mod (located here which generates a random sector, just like Invasion Mode. It's somewhat less variable than Invasion Mode, you cannot choose to have an empty sector, and the number of enemies generated may not vary as much as in the original, but it allows for a different game each time.

The mission was designed for 2.0, so it doesn't generate the new bases (I will have to update it to 2.1) and it is not properly documented. You will have to put it in its own manually named folder, called Solo Mode. But it should be something that you can take and edit to your liking, say if you don't want anything but monsters in your mission, and no enemies.

If you just want something to wander around in, I recommend the new Peacetime Mode in 2.1. There are no enemies there, at least not at first.

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How do I add these missions on android? I picked up Xavier wise 40 mission pack and had no trouble getting them in their folder on my PC. Do all clients need these missions in order to run or just the server?

Can't wait to try your mission. Thanks!

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I apologize for blowing up this forum, I'm just super excited about this game!

Updated all devices to 2.1.1 and 2.1!

Noticed my nexus 7 had a delay timer option that I don't see on PC. Was that scrapped for 2.1.1? And what does it delay?

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Crashes on ipad2 and mini 6.1.x at the starting screen.

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gosh, I thought these forum posts were from 2 days ago, not one year. :S
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